I focus on communicating how technology is transforming our relationship with nature. Technology has the ability to distance us from nature. The more distanced we become the more we begin to fear nature and as a result artificialize it. We artificialize nature because we are afraid of being harmed, or of our children being harmed. As we spend more time in these artificial environments we spend less time in the unaltered natural world.

I use light, projection, and photographs as material. These are all products of the digital world and I like to convey them in a natural setting. I feel these symbols of the digital world mixed with the traditional natural environments can point to the neglect of the natural world the digital reality can create. It also suggest that there is a path to a harmonious world of the two that the viewer must be conscious of. If we do nothing we risk being consumed by this digital world.  I use installation work to create an immersive experience for the viewer. I prompt the viewer to consider their own relationship with nature and how technology has impacted, what that means, and how they can change it.


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