As an artist I am interested in investigating how technology has impacted our culture, heritage, and the way we experience the world. My goal is to create work that sparks a dialogue for the viewer about how their own cultural experience might be shifting all the time. This can mean the passing down of traditions, the way we communicate and stay connected, or simply the way our perception of time might be altered.

I like to work with materials that are rooted in traditions, and by traditions I mean something that is passed down from generation to generation. These materials change frequently and are often process based such as soap, yarn, and photography. I then subvert the material in a way that comments on how the way we share information and pass down traditions has changed with the ease of a click of a button you now have a multitude of traditions at your fingertips. I often investigate what it means to not have the need to investigate the process of something such as cooking or soap making with family or friends, and how perception of time and memory altered in the process. I also utilize light as a material in my work, it is the force that drives all life and connects us all while being open to a variety of interpretations and applications. It is a recurring material in my work and often helps to create a more immersive and relaxing experience for the viewer.

I often look to my own family life and choices and reflect on the world my daughter is growing up in to inform my work. I started making work about technology and the impact it has on my daughters experience of the world and finding a proper balance of nature and technology in her life but I have found that there are so many more things that need to be balanced and perhaps I thought of my childhood being spent outdoors as a sort of childhood tradition of my own. This lead me to the work I am currently doing that investigates traditions and communication a bit more. The viewer is asked to contemplate their own reality and what role technology plays in it. How it has impacted the way information is shared and memorable moments are made and what inherent contradictions come along with such a powerful tool. My work is made to inspire reflection on human connection and finding the right balance of technology within that.

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